Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Use

(1) Make sure that the item that you want to personalise is clean.

(2) Peel off the paper cover of the adhesive

(3) Stick it gently to the surface of your accessory and give it a good press. 

(4) If you want to change the position or if you change your mind, you can just gently peel it off and stick it agan to a new surface.

Where can I stick it on

Piplet offers the stick-on patches to personalize your pouch, fave backpack, plain bag, or any of our other customizable products! The patches has high quality 3M adhesive backing that can stick temporarily anywhere (like paper, plastic, polyster, polycarbonate, fabric/ canvas, nylon and leather).

Is there another option to stick on patches

Piplet Stick-on Patches come with high quality 3M adhesive backing. Based on our experience, it’s easy to stick and Piplet Patches really stayed in place especially for flat and hard materials.

We have tried the Piplet Patches in  canvas or fabric, as well, and it didn’t come off easily. However, if you really love to the patches to stay permanently in the canvas or fabric, we suggest to sew a few stitches. 

How do you clean Piplet Patches

Piplet Patches are washable and low maintenance. All the patches are washable - machine and hand wash.

However, try not peel on & off the patches too often to maintain the quality of the adhesive.

Check also the care instructions of the accessories where you stick the patches on.

Can we machine wash the patches if I stick the Piplet Patch in a Fabric or Cotton

Yes. You can. We have stick the Piplet Patch on a Hoodie and machine washed  & used dryer the cloth for 5 times and the patch is still intact. It didn’t come off easily. 

However, if you really love to the patches to stay permanently in the canvas or fabric, we suggest to sew a few stitches..

What if I super love my creations

That's a very valid question (and get it a lot). It's easy! Order your next batch of patches. We will be constantly releasing seasonal patches, limited edition designs and collaborations to ensure that we will always keep those creativity burning. 

Surprise your friends and get one for your friends! Give it as a gift or let them do their own designs.

Take a photo and tag us on social @pipletshop and use the hashtag #ilovepiplet! We love being social :)