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What's the difference between iron on and sew on patches?

Iron on patches, sew on, are they any different? You’ve heard the two terms before, maybe, if you’ve looked into Arts and Crafts DIY activities in school or in your own personal space. Well we are going to be discussing the difference between iron on and sew on patches.

Just a little clarification, that we are not saying that iron patches are better than or sew on is better than this and that. It’s entirely up to you in the end which you’d prefer, so enjoy what you think is easier for you to do! 

Iron on Patches vs Sew on Patches

Iron on patches are the most popular type of patches. They are easy to apply, and don't need sewing. And they can be removed easily without leaving any residue.

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Sew on patches are perfect for those who want to wear their patch as a part of their outfit. They can also be used for other purposes, such as attaching a patch to a backpack or bag - so it stays long until the strings get snapped.

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Iron-on patches are made of fabric with a heat sensitive, commercial grade heat seal backing. They are applied to clothing by heating them up with an iron so that they stick to the fabric. Iron-on patches are usually made of PVC, polyester, or cotton material which is durable and can withstand washing in the washing machine. They can be removed by simply peeling them off of the article of clothing they were applied to without any residue left behind. A bonus thing is that you can have those sewn on your clothes (or backpack whichever you prefer) which makes it even more flexible in terms of use.

Sew on patches are made out of embroidered fabric and have a thin layer of adhesive on both sides that is sewn onto clothing using thread or glue. Sew-on patches can be washed in a washing machine but you’d have to be careful. We do have an article on how to wash your patches properly right over here.

Iron on patches are less expensive than sew on patches. Iron on patches are also easier to apply, but they're not as durable as sew on patches.

Sew on patches are more durable than iron-on patches. They can be sewn onto many different kinds of garments, but removing them can be a bit of a problem, because once on, it stays on. So iron on patches is easier when you want to change the design. Sew-on patches have a more professional look, but they're more expensive and difficult to apply than iron-on patches.



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