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How to sew a patch on your bag?

Backpacks are a fantastic place to display your personal patches; whether it's on caps, purses, devices, and etc etc etc. You can show these off regardless of what clothing you decide to wear. The steps involved in learning how to sew a patch onto a backpack will vary based on the type of patch that you're working with. It’s pretty simple, and the steps are not too difficult to follow along. By the end of this process, you’re going to have bag patches!

1st Step: Get Some Materials

If you don’t have them, you can go to your nearest store that sells these materials. But if you do have them, go grab them! The things you will need: sewing needles, your patch, threads, glue, thimble, and scissors, sewing pins. 

2nd Step: Place Your Patch On Where You Want

Decide where you want your patch to be placed. Make sure to spread your bag out on a flat surface. You can use a thin tape to properly keep the patch there if you don’t have steady hands, but sewing pins are also a good option. 

Make sure the pins don’t get in the way once you start sewing. Another option is glue but avoid using hot glue as that can ruin your bag if you remove the patch.

3rd Step: Get Your Thread and Start Stitching

Once you are done with properly placing your patch, you may proceed with inserting the thread into the eye. Hold the thread at the end with your fingers and pull out through the eye - it should be at least an inch of treach. Another tip, you can double over the threat to have a stronger strand.

Then once your needle is threaded, you can tie the knot at the end of the thread. After this is done, proceed with sewing. There are different methods of stitching for securing a patch, but we’ll stick to simple stitching methods - if you want to see methods of stitching check here.

4th Step: Stitching Time

Pulling the needle and string through until you have a one inch loop of string sticking out of the edge is the first step. After that, you bring the needle from inside the bag up and through to the outside of the bag. 

The next thing you do is pull the string tight until the loop closes. You continue around the edge, stitching down and back through the edge. After doing three or four loops, you bring the needle back through from inside to outside and pull it snugly. 

You repeat these steps until you have stitched all the way around the edge of the bag. By this time, you should have the bag stitched, if there is still a thread popping out you can cut it off. All done! You finally got your very own bag patches, or patches decorated in your bag.

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