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Embroidered Patches Design Ideas on Totes and Bags

Aren't you sick and tired of your tote and bag looking the same as everybody else's? Don't worry, you can give them a makeover with your very own embroidered patch. A lot of companies are making use of their colorful logo, products and services by putting them on a logo custom embroidered patch. Embroidered patches are usually available as iron-on, sew-on and peel-and-stick. Patches are a great way to boost your clothing line or any other apparel, bags and totes.

Here are some ideas for embroidered patches you can use on your bags and totes to spice them up!

Purse Bag with Patches

embroidered patches

We’ve discussed this in another article, but yes, you can have patches on a purse bag. It’s not hard to apply them, especially when you use our stick on patches. We got an article for DIY purse patches!. [insert into DIY purse patches link article]

Tote with Patches!

embroidered patches

Tote bags are a great way to customize with patches. Tote bags are very minimalistic when it comes to design, they can be a classic; but, there’s more to add. Imagine taking out your tote bag on a beach with summer patches. That would add more personality and flair to the bag's design. 

Backpack with Patches

This is an obvious choice in the list, since kids and teens do it. But that isn’t exclusive just to those two demographics! You can freely do it without being looked at as being ‘childish’. There is no wrong in decorating your backpack: whether it’s traveling backpacks or regular work backpacks.


Bags of whatever type are very much compatible with patches. Of course, it all depends on the material the bag is made in and the type of patch you are using. We again recommend, stick on patches over sew on or iron on patches. This is because it’s way easier to apply and remove; with the addition of not causing tears or damages on your bags. 

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