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DIY purse patches

There's a great trend happening with patches right now! You're seeing them make a comeback in all sorts of places and on all sorts of items - decorated in ways you never thought possible! Want them on an empty jacket? Patch them! A backpack without any decoration? Stick one (or iron) them on your backpack! 

Patches are slowly but surely taking the spotlight in street fashion and even in Runway walks! We want to introduce you to a great way to start decorating with patches by yourself, starting with your purse. Here at Piplet, we believe that patches can go anywhere and on anything!

Purses Out and Materials Out!

Now, put in mind that we will be focused on our Piplet patches, which are stick-ons! So it will be a lot easier to decorate your purse (and it’s more cost-effective). So first things first, take out the following items: your purse of choice, stick-on patches, glue (use a hot glue gun and glue sticks), and that’s about it!

glue gun


Start Decorating!

Choose your stick-on patches of choice and attach them to any area of your purse. Put in mind, that stick-on patches have an adhesive layer at the bottom that allows them to attach to objects. The surface on the bag can give out different results, iron and stitch patches can be difficult with leather and nylon - but neoprene materials are fine. But stick-on patches will work fine, even if you use hot glue. Just one piece of advice, but have the glue at the edges, instead of pasting it on the whole back layer; this is to avoid making the adhesive layer lose its stickiness.


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