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Customize with Stick On Patches: Step by Step Guide | Piplet

Different cultures have always had their own unique styles, and nowadays we're seeing more and more people experimenting with different looks. Fashion has become so diverse and flexible that anyone can come up with the best ideas on how they want to look. Even old fashion trends or certain things that would’ve never been thought of have made a breakthrough in this era.

In China, there’s an old traditional fashion called ‘Hanfu’, in America there are people who love dressing up as 19th century Victorian suits, others are in love with old-school attires from the early 1900s. Patches, on the other hand have been solely used in military uniforms; but as time passed, they got introduced in regular clothing. So whatever your style, there's sure to be something out there for you - especially with patches on! Here in this article we’re going to show you how you can customize with stick on patches on garments - step by step!

1st Step: Get Your Clothes Out!

patches philippines

Let’s start customizing garments! We’ll go for any garment; if you know how to do it on clothes, then you’ll know how to do it on pants, jackets, cloaks, etc etc etc. What you’ll need is a few things:

  • The t-shirt, jacket, long sleeve, or any garment of your desire.
  • Stick on patches 
  • Glue gun (and glue sticks)
  • Sew and threads (optional second choice if you don’t have a glue gun)

Now, the most important thing to know is that the material your garment is made out of can be affected depending on the type of patch you use. Stick on patches are absolutely fine in almost all materials. But, keep in mind that stick on patches isn't permanent and they can lose their stickiness; this is where the glue gun comes in. 

2nd Step: Pick your style

 patches philippines

Now with all that, we need to find your style. We can’t just slap random patches altogether (unless you're into that) into the garment you're wearing, because then you have to remove them all the time if you lose interest. You want to look good without constantly changing patches? Well, we got an article for clothes ideas that you might find to suit your patch of choice.

3rd Step: Go out there!

patches philippines

You are good to go! Seems too easy, but stick on patches are literally the easiest type of patch above all other patches, because it doesn’t require too much effort to use. Whatever rocks your boat, patches are a great way to express yourself. Not only does it bring out personality in your garments but also in your aesthetic taste. So go out there with what your patched clothes and enjoy!

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