embroidered patches

Do peel and stick on patches last?

Peel and stick decorative patches have always been a fun way to add unique designs to your clothing or to give your home a designer look. However, one question you may have is if these peel and stick patches really last.

We all know that badges have a strong adhesive layer, but it’s important to know how long decorative patches last on garments. This blog will discuss the adhesive properties of these peel and stick patches and how they hold on fabric and other surfaces.

Understanding How Stick On Patches Work

Here in Piplet, the patches contain a self-adhesive layer at the back, which has a sort of glue on it. There's no single answer to the question of what makes a gluey substance stick to something else, because there are so many different types of glue and so many different ways of using them. 

However, there are some general principles that apply to all kinds of glue. For example, most glues work by creating a bond between two surfaces. This can be done either by physically interlocking the two surfaces (as with Velcro), or by chemically bonding them together (as with superglue).

But one important thing is that peel and stick patches aren’t permanent. Most types of patches aren’t; whether it’s sewn on (the threads can become loose), iron on (can become loose due to external disturbances), etc. etc. etc.

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