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Clothing Patch Ideas

Introduction To Patches

A patch is an embroidered piece of fabric that can be attached to fabric in a number of ways, including pinning, sewing, ironing, or using glue - there’s also stick-on patches which is what we use here in Piplet. With the introduction of computer-controlled machines, the once rare art became mass-produced everywhere for everyone to use.

Patches have had an interesting role in history, you can read our article here to learn more. Embroidered patches were invented centuries ago as an important identification tool for the military and other uniformed personnel. Today, they are used by government organizations, sports teams, and companies to denote rank, position, or specialized units. But they can be used for aesthetic purposes as well.

In this article, we're going to introduce you to some interesting clothing patch ideas and how it can compliment your personality and tastes.

Military Patches, Maverick Style

For all you 80s fans out there, you might already know this one. Tom Cruise styling in his military bomber jacket decorated with various military patches. Nowadays you can buy one anywhere online. No worries, it isn’t illegal in any form to have military patches as decorations for your clothes. This is of course, that you aren’t  doing stolen valor.

Hippie Patches, Flower Power

Fact of the day, it was the hippie trend that gave way to patches being used for aesthetic purposes. It’s no surprise since the hippie movement was a counterculture movement that was raging within the US during the 70s. Its influence inspired fashion designers to adopt their style to create new collections.

Biker Patches, Motorbikes For Life

Biker Patches have an interesting backstory for those of you who don’t know. It all started in the 1920s, when the American Motorcyclist Association was first founded. Similar to conventions and the such, they would have gatherings at events where they wore jackets with the club logo they belonged to! It’s been a long tradition since then and still goes on to this day.

Varsity Patches, Highschool Life

Varsity jackets (or also known as letterman jackets) are making a comeback in fashion as their presence started to appear in runways. They're popular streetwear jackets that even celebrities like Rihana, Taylor Swift, and Kanye would wear from time to time. The patches used in varsity jackets (mostly letters) were initials to represent the school and where that student came from. It’s commonly worn by varsity players in American high schools. But you’ve probably seen these iconic ones in movies of typical jock stereotypes. 

Sneaker Patches, Shoe Decorations

This is probably one of the more unique and recent ones in the list as you don’t find people wearing them often. Patches on sneakers are an interesting and fresh way to place your patches. They can compliment your shoes depending on what you go for and add flare to your overall style. With the addition of catching the attention of others, the patches on sneakers is one awesome idea. Only downside is that you’d have to be very careful in cleaning them so they don’t get ruined.

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