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Can You Wash Stick-on Patches in the Laundry?

How to maintain stick on patches: Stick on patches have become a common sight on the walls, billboards and other surfaces. Companies use them to promote their brands, and public-service organizations use them to spread awareness among people. If you're wondering how to clean your stick-on patches in order to keep them long lasting and looking brand new then continue reading this article to find the easiest ways to do it.

Before you BEGIN

You need to make sure you wash them with care, and I mean gently when they are attached to whatever clothing you have. 

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For Stick-on Patches

Always turn the clothes  with the patches inside out before machine-washing to preserve the appearance of the design and reduce pilling. Gentle washing at or near room temperature, using a non-aggressive unfragranced detergent, will improve the longevity of the patches. Then you can hang dry them.

When it comes to patching or studding your garments, it's important you use cold water. Hot water loosens the adhesive used to apply the patches causing them to warp and eventually fall off. Since these are stick on patches, it is fine to leave them out in the sun or you can use a hair dryer: either way can help.

If you prefer to hand wash them, then you can remove the patches for the clothes but only the top layer, avoid getting the bottom layer (the part used to stick on garments). Also remember to  be gentle with cleaning it, do not hard rub it as this can ruin the quality. 

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